La vida es bella

Lambaré, Paraguay

Arena Fina is one of those artisan stores that embodies happiness and positivity. A mother and daughter effort, this small business helps women artisans in underdeveloped areas of the country market and sell their creative and colorful textiles in a fair and transparent way. They also specialize in color and hand scripted designs promoting positivity, creativity, and Frida.



  • Custom orders

  • Cotton Textiles

  • Colorful Home Décor & Accessories

  • Organic Materials

  • Blankets | Bags & Purses | Jewelry | Home Décor Plaques


Min: 5 units Max: 50 units

Avg Production Time:

  • Small orders (<15 units): 2 weeks

  • Medium orders (15-25 units): 3 weeks

  • Large orders (25-50 units): 1 month


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