Ecuador encompasses distinct terrains of mountains, lush tropical forests, and alluring coastal regions. In every corner of the country there is a diverse population of talented artisans who offer beautifully handcrafted items with vibrant styles and a rich history.

Full of organic resources and cultural diversity, Ecuador has an abundance of naturally produced artisan goods and uniquely crafted folkloric pieces. Many artisan communities use conventional handcrafted methods rooted in their ancestry, though, recently local designers have partnered with traditional artisans to creative innovative designs while preserving cultural identify.

The Ecuadorian artisanal community specializes in Textiles (rugs, tapestries, blankets) - Natural Fibers (alpaca, toquilla straw, bamboo) - Leather - Organic Jewelry

Olga Fisch

Working together with hundreds of local artisans, Olga Fisch is a pioneer in folkloric handmade designs with a modern feel.

Herlinda Gonzalez

Impassioned to create change, Herlinda mentors over 200 women artisans whose unique designs are hand weaved from paja toquilla.

Javier Pincay

Embracing the ancient art of tagua carving, Javier creates amazing designs from all-natural materials and fibers.

Casa de las Hamacas

Creating art through textiles, Miguel & Reina have been handcrafting beautiful hammocks along the coast for over 20 years.