A marketplace of globally original products built to help talented artisans share their work

Connecting boutique store owners, interior designers, and conscious buyers, directly with global artisans


Accessories Market


Generational techniques merge beautifully with modern designs. Here you will find the most talented artisans in the field of jewelry, bags, scarfs, and other accessories.

Home Decor Market


Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. Interior design is made unique through high quality artisan crafts.

Textiles Market


Handwoven with the purest organic and up-cycled fabrics, artisans use traditional techniques to create textile artwork that will look incredible in any space.


How It Works

01 Explore and discover talented artisans from around the world.

Explore individual artisan profiles, learn their story and discover the passion behind their craft. View their product portfolio and find what inspires you.

02 Connect to discuss your buying needs and preferences.

We work with you to assess your product interests, business objectives, and align you directly with a talented artisan to bring your design concept to life.

03 Follow the production process from beginning to end.

We provide regular status updates, including visual content of the hand-making process. We are committed to fulfilling the exact specifications of your request.



To make global culture more accessible and to help connect artisans to larger markets” - Artezanz Mission