There is an assortment of ceramic wall art, rugs, traditional figures, and tableware . Enjoy the market and contact us with any questions.

Leila Buffa

Living in her studio in downtown Asunción, Leila is one of the most influential young artisans in the country. Embracing indigenous influences, her style is unique yet somehow identifiable.

Herlinda Gonzalez

Impassioned to create change, Herlinda mentors over 200 women artisans whose unique designs are hand weaved from paja toquilla.

El Cántaro

Working directly with over twenty-eight artisan families in the region, this organization, headed promotes traditional art, proceeds from which support a local art school.

Olga Fisch

Working together with hundreds of local artisans, Olga Fisch is a pioneer in folkloric handmade designs with a modern feel.

Arena Fina

Working with local artisans by helping them design, organize, and market their products in more populous city centers, Kari and her daughter Barbi commit to fair and transparent relationships.