Pulling from its deep indigenous roots, Paraguayan artisanal products embrace deep earth tones and natural imperfections. Most of the artisan community continues to use traditional techniques and designs that were passed from previous generations, though, recently Paraguay has been experiencing a type of renaissance. Younger artisans are merging these traditional techniques with modern designs that create truly one of a kind results.

The Paraguayan artisanal community specializes in Ceramics - Poyvy - Ñanduti - Encaje ju - Ao Poi - Leather - Wood carving - Wool - Organic Candles

Leila Buffa

Living in her studio in downtown Asunción, Leila is one of the most influential young artisans in the country. Embracing indigenous influences, her style is unique yet somehow identifiable.


By sharing unique and practical designs, the small team of artisans that work with Warany use their knowledge and skills to create beautiful products that are seen all across Paraguay.

El Cántaro

Working directly with over twenty-eight artisan families in the region, this organization, headed promotes traditional art, proceeds from which support a local art school.

Arena Fina

Working with local artisans by helping them design, organize, and market their products in more populous city centers, Kari and her daughter Barbi commit to fair and transparent relationships.